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2019, June 8 - The Long Search — 1982 Thru 2015

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The Long Search — 1982 Thru 2015

Personal Blog
The Story Of Us Part 3

By Jeanne Gibson

During the 1980’s before we were married, we went camping and skiing quite often. After we married, Steve had an opportunity to work in North Carolina. If memory serves, he had two interviews with the same company. This move would put us close to ski resorts as well as the North Carolina beaches. Shortly after his two interviews, I became pregnant with our first child. We made the decision to put our dream to the side so our families could be part of our children’s lives.

During the 80’s and early 90’s, we went once a year to Florida for a vacation. Our oldest son was two years old for his first beach trip; our youngest son was 10 months old for his.

From the late 80’s into the mid 90’s, we had several family vacations in north Georgia into southern North Carolina for camping and skiing. Our oldest was two years old when he first went camping; our youngest was three. Their first ski trip was in 1994.

During the mid 90’s, Steve had an opportunity for a job position in Southern California. The two of us went several times to the San Diego area. During one of those trips, we spent time looking for homes an hour drive north of San Diego. The boys were at the perfect age to uproot and move them. Unfortunately, the cost of living was a bit too pricey. We had built our family dream home in 1992. The cost for a similar home in California was twice as much as our house.

From early 2006 thru 2014, we had several family vacations in north Georgia into south Tennessee white water rafting; something that all of us enjoyed. Our yearly vacations to Florida still took place until our youngest son graduated high school. Then we set our eyes to areas outside of the United States. Steve and I had already started vacationing without the boys in Cancun, Mexico. We absolutely fell in love with everything about Mexico. From the culture, food, and low cost to the gorgeous beaches. We took the boys multiple times with us to Cancun. With both of the boys grown, we set our eyes on other locations. The first was a small island off the coast of Belize. Ambergris Caye is the largest of several islands. But we felt it would be too far from the boys and our families. So we ventured back to Mexico.

In 2012, we took our first trip to Tulum; about a two hour drive south of Cancun. At that time, Tulum and the surrounding area was completely off grid and still maintained in an eco friendly environment. There were no huge resorts within Tulum itself. The beaches are just as beautiful as the beaches in Cancun. The cost of living was well within our budget. We spent several days with a real estate agent looking at homes that were within a 30 minute drive to the beach. Our last trip to Tulum was in 2013. We both talked about moving to Tulum for several years. Unfortunately, that area of Mexico rapidly became a hot spot for Hollywood. By 2014, the cost for vacationing in Tulum had tripled.

We did give some very serious thought into taking several vacations to western Australia with the intention of looking at the possibility of living there. Unfortunately, that never occurred.

I believe everyone knows the story of us and our families from 2015 to now. But through it all, we found our perfect spot for retiring to. We live about an 8 hour drive to the Florida beaches as well as the beaches off the coast of North Carolina. We’re probably a 2-3 hour drive to ski resorts. We live completely off grid in the middle of a gorgeous forest. Our current home is a very small cabin; too small to live in long term, but a perfect long weekend getaway spot. We still need to build our new home. Hopefully we can start building early next year. Once completed, we will own two homes.

So, whenever Steve gets in trouble, he’ll have to walk down the hill and stay in the cabin...LOL. And as usual, I’m rambling. Enjoy the videos.

Always Remember Love,



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Twenty-five percent of the photos contained within this video were taken by Jeanne, Steve, or family members. The remaining images can be found on public domain websites and royalty free stock photos (Getty Images, Adobe Stock, Unsplash, Pixabay, Reshot, etc.). Copyright Infringement is not intended towards the artists, photographers, songwriters, singers, and musicians.

Song Choice-“Pirates of the Caribbean Medley”
By Hans Zimmer

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